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I had to repay another restoration shop to actually do the work properly and to correct the improper short cuts done by John Lanza of Southern Bodyworks.While re-doing the restoration process, I've found certain things that John Lanza did that were not to industry standards as testified to by a highly regarded expert in the field of auto restoration.

Some work was so below standard that the vehicle would have been unsafe to drive. A small accident would most likely result in a serious injury or worse the fatality to myself, wife, and daughter. A rear end collision could have resulted in the vehicle exploding. A side impact would have crushed the car like a soda can.

A front end accident would cause the engine to be brought through the firewall into the front seats. During cross examination, John admitted it was unsafe.

Lanza's testimony told me that he was aware his workmanship could have caused an entire family to perish.Please go to my web page to read about my experience and to see photos.

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John Lanza was to restore my 1971 Dodge Challenger.We agreed the job would be between $8,000 and $10,000.

In the end I paid over $10,000 plus I paid for all parts. The week I was to pick up my car, John increased the bill by another $1,000 and threatened to keep my car if I did not pay. His reason was because of all of the extra metal fabrication and modification required on the firewall. After getting the car towed back home, I found he used common household spray foam insulation to cover the rust holes and painted over the rusty body.

Some parts were not even painted. Within days the paint began to chip off. Paint does not adhere to rust. The trunk and floor pans were sprayed with truck bed liner to cover all of the weak metal and fiberglass was used to cover the larger holes.

This was to be a restoration requiring new metal fabrication but instead John did a cover up on top of the old rusty metal. Paint can hide a lot. He's currently being sued for his deceptive practices. In court, he laughed behind the judge's back.

This is a person that looked me square in the face and said you owe me an extra $1,000 ($11,000 total) for additional labor and metal fabrication on the firewall when he knew full well that no such work was done. He had the audacity to use spray foam! In the end, I've had to repay another $10,000 to someone else to actually do the restoration properly. Let's band together and avoid these establishments.

Then we'll have the last laugh. If it's a restoration like mine or a collision repair that insurance is paying, do you want this type of shady character working for you?

Can you trust the work will be done right?With so many places to choose from, why chance this one?

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